The sound of my PhD

Have you ever felt that everyone’s life is moving on while you are still here, on that sofa, .. stuck.. thinking about finishing your PhD? Actually you are not doing it if you are reading what I am writing. (It is impossible though. As impossible as finding a polar bear in Africa! A blog is a good tool to let your feelings out… this is what people say! Who knows! It might help. This is why I am starting. My English sucks though. Can someone explain to me what would have happened to the languages if another country have ruled the world in the past? The ‘ruling’ language might have been Flemish… or Finnish… or my beautiful language… Italian). It did not happen so I need to face the reality: Sir & Lady English will guide me through this path. One day I will speak to them properly and we will have a tasty cup of tea together)

It is Summer Time here in Europe and for me … holidays .. are just a dream! I start wondering and dreaming about what I am going to do after my Ph.D … then I suddenly realize that I love it so much. Why Am I not working on it then? Cause I am an idiot? No… It is just that I think too much to so many things and I am so dizzy and confused. Sometimes it starts singing to me. Yes! Miss PhD! I have decided that it is going to be a lady! She is actually a lady. She sings to Mr Writing that she wants to make a difference. She wants to write along with Mr Writing. He is so rational. She is so emotional though. Will she make the difference? I really hope so.

Let’s light up her then. My PhD needs a lot of little lights which can support her.  If she does not feel the light on herself.. she can’t shine. She can’t sing to Mr Writing what she wants to achieve. Therefore .. let’s light up my PhD from today. Let’s produce a beautiful sound then. The sound of my Ph.D.

If your PhD could sing, what would she/he sing? How would she/he sound?



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